2020 Management Committee Members:

Justine Williams – President, Secretary and Public Officer
Kate Foster – Treasurer

Non Office bearing Committee Members

Karen Graham 
Nicole Giezekamp
Jonathan Elcombe 

Committee member profiles



My name is: Justine Williams

I grew up in: Paddington

I now live in: Grays Point

A little info about myself… I used to do shipping law so would buy and sell vessels, flags and insurance. Consequently, I have lived in most countries that have a port.
I have one child – an amazing 8 year old who exceeds all my expectations on a daily basis …. and who attends GPAC. The last Committee that I volunteered on (not including P & C) was the Anchorage Bear Committee (no joke !!!). We developed and implemented strategies for bear conservation and the management of issues of living with bears in our community.

My favourite thing to do when I was a child was: To go to Centennial Parklands with the neighbourhood kids (and in particular to where the horses were agisted). We would help muck out the stalls, feed and walk the horses and if we were really good, we were able to take the horses out for a ride in Centennial Park. It was a great thing for an inner city kid to experience.

Why I decided to volunteer on the Management Committee… When I was asked if I would like to be on the Committee there was no hesitation on my part. I believe that you can only truly attribute by being involved. My son attends the GPAC and I am happy to assist in any way to ensure that we get the best resources for not only my child but for all children that utilise this resource.






My name is: Kate Foster 
I grew up in: Grays Point
I now live in: Grays Point

A little info about myself... We have 2 children - Grace and Bronte - who both attend the Grays Point Activity Centre.

My favourite thing to do when I was a child was: Practice shooting goals for netball in the backyard, playing hide and seek with the neighbours or riding bikes up and down the driveway.

Why I decided to volunteer on the Management Committee… I have worked in the Corporate world for 20 years, so when an opportunity was raised with me to help out with the Management Committee, I couldn’t say no. With 2 children that will be using the Facility for the next 7 or so years, it is in my family’s best interests to help out where I can to ensure that the Facility continues to thrive (it is owned by the Community after all).
The fact that we have such an amazing facility is down to GPAC and their amazing Team. Grace looks forward to attending the Centre which to me is an indication that it is a happy and fun place to be, I can’t ask for more than that, oh and Tracy’s arts and crafts means I get to avoid doing it at home (thanks Tracy)!


Diccon Vokins, previous President 2014-2017, received the industry award in the Volunteers Category at the Bi-annual Conference to recognise his outstanding contribution for GPAC’s building project.


AGM 2020 Minutes AGM 2020 Minutes (224 KB)


AGM 2020 - Signed 31 Dec 2019 Financials AGM 2020 - Signed 31 Dec 2019 Financials (409 KB)