Am I able to claim the government rebates?

Yes. Families who have been assessed for Child Care Subsidy with Centrelink are able to claim applicable government payments. Please provide us with your Customer Reference Number (CRN) for the claiming parent and each child on your enrolment form.


Can I share my sign-in details?

No. The digital sign-in is in lieu of your signature. The roll is a legal document and must be signed by a person who is authorised to collect or drop off your child. You can manage authorised contacts by logging onto your account through My Family Lounge and updating your contacts on the online enrolment form.

Do I have to let GPAC know when my child is away?

Yes. You must let us know via phone call or SMS when your child is absent before her anticipated arrival time at 3.15 pm. Teachers or the school office do not relay absences to us. By enrolling your child/ren with us, you have placed your child/ren in our duty of care and we are legally required to be accountable for their whereabouts on the days they are booked in.

We may charge a $10 Non Notification fee if staff have to repeatedly search for your children.

Does Activity Centre offer vacation care?

Yes. Please visit the Vacation Care page on our website for more information.


When do existing GPAC families need to enrol siblings commencing care in the new year?

Existing GPAC families can register siblings who are commencing care in the new year from 01 September until week 10 of term 3. Please visit your My Family Lounge account and enter details and required sessions for your child. You will receive an offer by wk 4 of term 4.

When do new families need to enrol their Kindergarten child for Before and After School Care for the following year?

Families wishing to enrol their child who are not existing users of GPAC can register with My Family Lounge on this website from 01 September each year. GPAC will commence offering available placements for Jan/Feb of the following year from week 6 of term 4 (Mid November). Registrations received after week 6 of term 4, will be prioritised accordingly.

Where are GPAC's evacuation locations?

In the event of an emergency evacuation due to a building fire or approaching bushfire front, staff and children will shelter in the school hall and await further instructions of Emergency Services.

GPAC has made also made arrangements for an emergency evacuation off site which is the local community church on 121 Grays Point Rd, Grays Point. GPAC has access to shelter and emergency supplies stored in their playgroup room at the back of the church.

Who can attend GPAC?

Only children who  have a current enrolment with our service can attend GPAC. This includes casual bookings. At present we have no facilities to collect children from other schools.

Who can I address if I have a concern?

We welcome any feedback anyone may have about our service. This gives an opportunity to clarify why we do, what we do or make improvements. Please feel free to address Activity Centre staff, the Co-ordinator or President with your concerns.

Who is responsible for my child during the early finish period in the first two weeks of school in Kindergarten?

Your child's teacher will look after your child. GPAC staff will collect children booked in for After School Care just before the 3.15 pm bell.