We believe that each child is capable and resourceful in their own unique way. They have different ways of thinking and relating which is encouraged and respected in an environment that fosters imagination, creativity and a positive self-identity.

We support the spontaneous natural play that children engage in and our program encourages the development of life skills, physical, creative and aesthetic development. Our environment is safe and stimulating, giving children the opportunities to explore, create and experiment.




Grays Point Activity Centre is a community based not for profit organisation led by the Management Committee. Becoming a member of the committee provides an opportunity for parents to use their knowledge and expertise for overseeing the running of the centre.

Quality care requires families and staff to collaborate and be partners in providing the best for our children. We value the diversity that each family brings to our centre and invite everyone to share their ideas, skills and information to enrich our environment.





We are currently updating our website. This is a manual process so please bear with us during this process. We have been advised that our platform will be phased out and are in the process of looking at a new provider and website designer. Sorry if you are experiencing issues. For any current and up to date information please phone or email us and we will send you our latest version, advise or copies of anything you require.

Thank you for your patience.



Did You Know?


Did you know that you have to let us know when your child is sick?
Did you know that we have moved to 100% electronic enrolments?
Did you know that you cannot share your sign-in details?
Have you joined our Facebook group to keep track of what’s happening while you are at work?



“Keep up the great work. When Scarlett rolls her eyes as I arrive to pick her up while she's immersed in another wonderful bit of creativity it's clear you're doing a great job. We really appreciate it!!”
Justin Bohlmann

“I love seeing the educators so involved with the children as they play, cook or create some sort of art. I really love seeing the children outdoors playing different physical activities, challenging their skills and exploring the school environment. I like that you know that it is ok for the children to play with their shoes off and that getting a bit messy is all a part of the fun. I really like that the educators know my children by their name and welcome them and say good bye at the end of the day.

I have talked to other parents in the shire and I know that not all before and after school services are as good as Grays Point Activity Centre and I just wanted to let you know that your hard work does not go unnoticed. So thank you for the care that you show my boys and the attention and time you put into your programme.”
Alison Donkin

“A bit of feedback - Jess is absolutely loving all of the activities and friends from all years which she has made. Thank you for providing such a supportive environment for her.”
Amanda Yewdall

“The kids raved about the food options for brekkie too… they were very impressed!”
Kristie Bowerman