Vacation Care

Grays Point Activity Centre will be operating Vacation Care in the September/ October 2020 School Holidays for the students of Grays Point Public School.

Our program is filled with exciting activities, excursions, incursions, theme days and workshops focusing on recreational programs and a lot of fun.

Our experienced and friendly Educators provide a safe, caring and exciting environment for school aged children.

Bookings for September/ October 2020 school holidays coming soon....

Bookings Open:
Bookings Close:


A late booking fee of $30 applies after 4pm on closing date, subject to availability.

Please note:  Care is allocated according to the Australian Government’s Priority of Access guidelines.The Centre will not open unless minimum bookings are received and confirmed.






Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm, excluding Public Holidays

You can book as few or as many days as you like. Bookings are accepted according to the Priority of Access Guidelines and then order in which the forms are received. GPAC families who have active outside school hours bookings will have priority over new families. The Centre will not open unless we reach a minimum number of confirmed bookings.
To use our vacation care service you first need to be enrolled at the Centre. Please see the Enrolments tab for enrolment information.
In order to place a booking you must fill out a vacation care booking form and return it to the Centre.


We offer care to children 4.5 to 12 years of age who are currently enrolled in school at Grays Point Public School.
Children do not need to be enrolled in before or after school care to use our vacation care service.



FROM JAN 2020: $57 per day per child (CCS applies) plus an additional fee for incursions and excursions. A casual booking (subject to vacancies) after the booking closure date is $62 per day per child.

A $30 late fee will apply for bookings taken after the closing date.

An amendment fee of $10 will apply if you change your booking after the closing date. Changes will be subject to availability.

Vacation care bookings will not be accepted from families with fees in arrears.

Once we accept your booking form you will be provided with an invoice. Vacation care will be billed separately to your 'regular' before and after school care bookings.

All Vacation Care bookings must be paid prior to the start of the vacation care period, payment date will be indicated on the program. Only after your payment is received is your booking confirmed.

If you cancel a booking less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of Vacation Care, fees for that day will be charged and no refund given.

Incursion and excursion fees are non-refundable even if you have cancelled or amended your booking.


  • Please pack a healthy morning tea, lunch and Water bottle
 *We are a NUT FREE SERVICE and also have children who attend that have serve allergies (anaphylaxis) to eggs, kiwi fruit, seasame and pistachio. Therefore these items are strictly prohibited.
  • Closed in shoes must be worn.
  • Hat
  • Clothing needs to cover shoulders at all times e.g no shoestring dresses or singlet tops.
  • Rash shirts and covered swimwear must be worn for outdoor sun and swimming excursions prohibited.

  • Access the Centre during Vacation Care from the side gate near Grays Point Soccer Oval.
  • All Children MUST be signed in AND out on arrival and departure by an authorised guardian.
  • Breakfast and afternoon tea will be provided. Breakfast finishes at 8:30am.
  • No money is to be provided to your child for excursions


While at the centre:                  1 Educator : 15 Children

On excursion:                             1 Educator : 8 Children

On excursion, in water             1 Educator : 5 Children

Please note in relation to excursions : Risk Assessments have been prepared for all excursions and are available at the Centre and provided for upon request.



  • Children may play their devices during scheduled times as per our program.
  • Devices must be used abiding to the GPAC Device Agreement (currently used for students in Year 5 & 6) and in conjunction with our Social Media & Electronic Devices policy.
  • This Agreement must be signed prior to bringing a Device in for Vacation Care use.
  • They must NOT bring chargers.
  • Only be permitted to use G rated games.
  • Wi‐Fi is to be switched off.
  • The Centre or Educators are not responsible for lost or broken toys/games.We encourage children not to take devices on excursions.
  • Children may play their electronic devices between 7:30am-8:30am and 5pm-6pm (except on electronic game days).


Please notify an Educator of any allergies. If your child is asthmatic we need you to supply a valid Ventolin puffer, with a spacer and copy of a recently updated asthma plan. Anaphylactic children require their EpiPen and a current medical plan.Without these we will NOT be able to care for your child.


Should you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us over the phone or via email:

Centre Mobile:  0427 741 779

Centre Email: