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My Time, Our Place - Curriculum Framework for Out of School Hours Care My Time, Our Place - Curriculum Framework for Out of School Hours Care (697 KB)


At GPAC educators offer a  range of planned activities which are based on their interests and suggestions.

Once a term we visit Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and shop for recycled materials to use in our craft program.

We also take donations of resources from families.

Children have opportunity to extend their fine motor, creative and cognitive skills as well as socially engaging with each other.


Educators offer planned physical games to extend gross motor and social skills. Each afternoon we also offer an additional planned activity like drawing with chalk or painting, science experiment, drama games or playing with selected toys to extend the outdoor play.


We encourage children to play in GPPS' beautiful bushland playground. There is plenty of opportunities to watch birds, make bases, build fairy houses, play in bushes and trees, collect leaves, bark and flowers, go on a treasure hunt, play master chef in the sandpit, ...

Educators acknowledge children's predisposition of exploring and testing their abilities. GPAC educators use risky play situations to teach life skills e.g. if a branch is thinner than your top leg it will not be able to support your weight safely.


The Activity Centre Representative Council is a group of children who meet regularly to discuss ideas and suggestions that children have in relation to our program. This can be selecting a charity to raise funds for, discussing our rules, suggestions for the purchase of equipment and toys, menu ideas, what they think about our planned outdoor and indoor program and more.

ARC is open to all children who are interested in joining.

Meetings are currently held twice a term on Tuesday mornings.


Our menu changes each week and follows recommended healthy eating guidelines.

We offer gluten free choices for breakfast and afternoon tea. Individual dietary requirements need to be communicated and may be met by the service.

We currently have enrolments of children with SEVERE ALLERGIES (Anaphylaxis) to nuts, peanuts, pistachios, sesame, fish and kiwi fruit.


GPAC is open on Pupil Free Days from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Children are required to bring their own healthy morning tea and lunch.

The program for the day is generally planned around a theme and we may take them on an excursion.


GPAC now offers Vacation Care during the school holidays.

Please visit the Vacation Care tab on this website for more information.